SíEnergy began its story in 1998 in a rural area near Houston, Texas, where the economy helped fuel tremendous real estate development and the rapid expansion of some of the nation’s most renowned master-planned communities. SíEnergy embarked on its mission to serve the needs of these new residential and commercial communities being constructed by some of the region’s premier developers.

In 1998, construction began to install the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the predicted growth in the area. Before installing its first meter on a new home, SíEnergy invested millions for pipelines, metering stations and other equipment needed to provide service to its customers. Since then, SíEnergy has emerged as one of Texas’ fastest-growing gas distribution utilities, the sixth largest as of 2009 — all the while earning a reputation for safety, reliability and unsurpassed customer service.

Today, SíEnergy proudly serves many thousands of customers in both incorporated and unincorporated areas of Texas and actively continues its growth through valued partnerships with developers, builders and consumers.