Understanding Your Bill


Bill Overview

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Explanation of Charges

SíEnergy is regulated by local municipality guidelines and the Railroad Commission of Texas, and operates under the Rules of Service approved by these authorities. Copies of the Rules of Service and our rate structure are available upon request by calling 281-778-6250.

When is Payment Due?

Itemized bills are mailed approximately every 30 days. Statements are due and payable when rendered and should be paid on or before the noted due date, which is a minimum of sixteen (16) days from mailing. The due date is clearly indicated on the bill. Any payment received after the due date is considered late, and a disconnection notice will be issued. The unpaid balance is due within five (5) business days from the date the disconnection notice is prepared and sent.

Alternative Payment Plans

It can sometimes become difficult for customers to pay their bills on time. If you think you will not be able to make your payment by the due date, you may be eligible for an extended payment plan. To make alternative payment arrangements, please call our customer care center at 281-778-6250 to review your account balance and payment options.

Service Termination

Customers have an obligation to pay for the gas used. When payment becomes past due, a written disconnection notice will be mailed at least 5 business days prior to the date of disconnection. SíEnergy will give you five (5) days written notice of termination and the earliest date we will disconnect.

Avoid Interruption of Services

You may prevent termination of service if:

  • You pay all outstanding balances due
  • You are unable to pay the full amount of the bill, you sign a deferred payment agreement to pay the outstanding balance in installments as well as all future bills
  •  Except in cases involving theft or fraud, the reason for termination has been corrected

Service Reconnection
To reconnect gas service, the balance paid in full, security deposit and a reconnection fee will be required. An appointment must be scheduled to reconnect service. Contact the customer care center 281-778-6250 to schedule an appointment.

How Rates are Set

SíEnergy’s rates, quality of service and safety measures are regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and municipalities to ensure rates are reasonable and necessary to the delivery of natural gas services.


Residential: Monthly Base Rate

This Schedule is applicable to all residential customers in the incorporated and unincorporated areas of Texas purchasing natural gas from SíEnergy for use at the point of delivery. Customer’s base monthly bill will be calculated using the following Customer and Ccf charges:


North Texas: Grand Prairie, Mansfield, and Waxahachie

  • Customer Charge:   $15.00 per month
  • Volumetric Charge: $.3158 per every hundred standard cubic feet of gas (Ccf) used


North Texas: All Other Areas

  • Customer Charge:   $17.25 per month
  • Volumetric Charge: $.3632 per every hundred standard cubic feet of gas (Ccf) used


South and Central Texas

  • Customer Charge:   $17.00 per month
  • Volumetric Charge: $.4739 per every hundred standard cubic feet of gas (Ccf) used

Please see our Tariffs under Regulatory for additional information: