Residential Customers


Committed to delivering efficient, clean-burning natural gas at reasonable rates, SíEnergy is proud to be your premier natural gas utility. From hot water to warming your home, you can rely on SíEnergy to keep the heat on.

To this end, we insist on the highest caliber of service by providing a customer care center well-equipped with:

  • Useful online tools
  • Convenient payment options
  • Helpful safety information
  • Responsive account reps

SíEnergy is regulated by the Texas Railroad Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and municipal safety guidelines to ensure the highest safety standards and reasonable rates necessary to the delivery of natural gas services to communities.

With the welfare and comfort of our customers in mind, SíEnergy is dedicated to energy conservation efforts by:

  • Actively promoting the use of natural gas as an environmentally-friendly clean-burning fuel
  • Proactively identifying older propane-based neighborhoods to help convert them to safer, dependable natural gas systems
  • Promoting and practicing safety awareness
  • Providing comprehensive customer support