SíEnergy Regulatory Information


Current Rates and Tariffs

In accordance with Texas Railroad Commission Rate Schedule stipulations, each SíEnergy customer’s bill will include a tariff – or charge – for an amount equivalent to the customer’s proportional part of the city franchise fees, state gross receipts taxes, or other governmental levies payable by SíEnergy, exclusive of federal income taxes.

Customer Bill of Rights SíEnergy Customer Bill of Rights: PDF
Quality of Service Texas Railroad Commission Quality of Services Standards


Tariffs – South and Central Texas

Definitions 1-GUD 10679 – Definitions
Miscellaneous 2-GUD 10679 – Miscellaneous Fees
Residential Rates 3-GUD 10679 – Residential Rates
General Service Rates (Non-Residential) 4-GUD 10679 – General Service Rates
Purchased Gas Cost 5-GUD 10679 – Purchased Gas Cost Factor
Weather Normalization 6-GUD 10679 – Weather Normalization
Rate Case Expense 7-GUD 10679 – Rate Case Expenses
Pipeline Safety Fee 8-GUD 10679 – Pipeline Safety Fee
Taxes and Fees 9-GUD 10679 – Taxes and Fees


Tariffs – North Texas

Note: These tariffs were approved in GUD 9799 for Missouri City and subsequently approved as initial rates by the city of Mansfield.

Contents, Service Area, Definitions 1-GUD 9799 – TOC, Serv Area, Definitions
Residential Rates 2-GUD 9799 – Residential Rates
Commercial Rates 3-GUD 9799 – Commercial Rates
Public School Rates 4-GUD 9799 – Public School Rates
Pipeline Safety Fee 5-GUD 9799 – Pipeline Safety Fee
Rate Case Expense (N/A to North TX) 6-GUD 9799 – Rate Case Expense
Misc Fees and Extension Policy 7-GUD 9799 – Misc Fees and Extension Policy
Weather Normalization 8-GUD 9799 – Weather Normalization
Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment 9-GUD 9799 – Purchased Gas Costs