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Natural Gas Distribution & Infrastructure

Natural Gas Distribution & Infrastructure

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In most cases, gas service will already be on when you move into your home. However, before you move in, you must activate your SiEnergy gas account. To start your account online you will need your address, contact names, phone number and email address ready and access our online form here. Start dates may vary based on availability. Once your account is processed, we will send a welcome email with your account number. You can register the account on our customer web portal to sign up for electronic payments, autopay, and view full monthly statements online once your first bill is available.

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If you’re relocating to an area not serviced by SiEnergy and need to deactivate your gas service account, please call 888-468-7007 to:

  • Review and pay your current account balance and/or any past due amount
  • Schedule an effective date for service cancellation
  • Provide a contact number and forwarding address for correspondence purposes

Transfer Service

To transfer your gas service account to your new home, please call our customer care center at 888-468-7007 to confirm whether SiEnergy provides natural gas service for your new neighborhood. Upon meeting all necessary requirements, a new account will be established and service will be connected as close to your requested initiation date as possible. Also, the service at your old address will be disconnected as close to your requested date as possible. If the gas service is not presently active at your new address, it will be necessary for our service technicians to have access to all gas-burning equipment inside the home. A responsible adult at least eighteen years of age or older must be present for the gas to be connected under these circumstances. Also, for security reasons, valid photo identification may be required prior to connecting your new service.

Service Line Installation Request

At SiEnergy, we’re committed to meeting your service deadlines. Avoid delays by ensuring your project meets our service specifications. Before a natural gas service line can be installed, the following guidelines must be met at your home or building site:

  • All necessary permits must be obtained from the proper authorities prior to installation of a service line.
  • The house or building must be piped before requesting a service line. The service line will be installed approximately 15 working days from the date the service line was requested.
  • There must be an obstruction-free, eight-foot wide service pathway from the gas main line to the meter loop location. All trash bins, construction materials, etc. must be cleared from this area.
  • The address (number and street) must be posted and visible from the street.
  • Call Before You Dig (dial 811) at least 48 hours before any excavation work to have underground facilities located.

Gas Meter Installation Request

Before a natural gas meter can be installed, the following guidelines must be met at your construction site:

  • The house is bricked or sided and painted.
  • There are no ground wires attached to stub-out.
  • Plumber’s gauge is not on house.
  • All shut-off valves are plugged and accessible; all flex-lines are capped.
  • There is a service riser.
  • Meter location is accessible without customer assistance and not blocked by fences, walls or gates.
  • Entire meter set will be at least 3 feet from sources of ignition or possible entry points to house.
  • The stub-out and location conforms to all SiEnergy safety codes.

Please email the Gas Meter Installation Request to builderservices@sienergy.com.


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